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About RX Labs / RX Networks:

We are a provider of customized Internet Radio stations that think a little bit outside the box. We believe that we don't have to play the same 200 songs all the time... why not spike in a few surprises from time to time? Variety is indeed the spice of life, and why not add a little variety to your radio, too? Our existing formats are:

. Classic Alternative / Modern Rock - www.radioxus.com
. Top 40/Rhythmic/Electric Dance Music (EDM) - www.1pureedm.com
. Current Alternative / Modern Rock - www.1purealt.com

In development: Gold Classic Hits (1955 to 1979), Classic Rock, Hot AC, Classic R&B and more

About Radio X US:

This station is run out of a secret laboratory somewhere in the Midwest, USA. It is programmed by a veteran who has had many years of Alternative/Modern Rock/AAA experience. The format itself is an experiment based off of the Jack/Bob/Ben/Alice/etc model, customized for the Modern Rock genre. This means that you will hear the most variety of any Modern Rock station out there - all the greatest alternative rock tunes ever made along with other songs and artists that helped influence the alternative rock movement.

Thanks for listening. We love comments, so feel free to give us a shout. Contact us at info@radioxus.com